I found the bug


Section where you send Neos to someone… Enter Neos amount with decimals, and instantly BTC and USD amounts are calculated wrong up, the more decimals you add, more they rise.


Quick question - have you updated Neos since your install? What version are you running right now?

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It’s fully updated - version 2.0.2.


Would you mind posting a screenshot?

What is the plan?

This is it, the more decimals you add, bigger the BTC/USD amount:


I was just able to replicate this. I’ll fix it and it will be released with 2.1. Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention!

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Are you all updated? This was marked fixed in 2.1. If not, I’ll take a closer look again


I’m updated and it’s still a problem when you use decimal value to send… for example 100.23 NEOS is 35.67 USD or 0.13 BTC which is false.