How to recover old Noescoin (web wallet 2.1)


I have some Neos. but they were in web wallet 2.1 and now i have only
wallet.dat file. I downloaded new QTwallet and copy wallet.dat to the
directory but when i started the wallet i got errors and it didn’t work!
what’s i doing wrong?
The real problem is i don’t remember that i sold them or not :smiley: I want to sure.


First download and place your wallet.dat file in the %appdata%\Roaming\NeosCoin folder (as it will likely be there by default). Open the wallet you’ve just downloaded and click “Help” up top, then Debug and then Console. In there, you can either dumpwallet or dumpprivkey . Once you have either the wallet dump or your private keys all noted somewhere - get the new wallet at click Help, then Debug and then Console and you can either importwallet or importprivkey .

Quoted from Syntaks on BCT thread