Having problems upgrading to 2.0.2


Kubuntu 14.04 64-bit.

[email protected]:/media/xxx/downloads$ sudo ./ubuntu-installer.sh
Downloading 64-bit package for Ubuntu linux…
2015-02-11 08:56:18 URL:http://install.neoscoin.com/v2/2.0.2/linux/ubuntu/64-bit/neos.tar.gz [11625895/11625895] -> “neos.tar.gz.1” [1]
Extracting Neos contents to /usr/local/neos
2015-02-11 08:56:27 URL:http://install.neoscoin.com/v2/2.0.2/linux/ubuntu/64-bit/neos [1562/1562] -> “neos” [1]
Installation is complete. To launch neos, log out of root and type: neos and press Enter.
[email protected]:/media/data/downloads$ neos
[email protected]:/media/data/downloads$ /usr/bin/neos: line 54: /home/xxx/.neoscoin/Neos: No such file or directory

tried with “neos start” too, and it seems that it starts, but it’s not available at

Please advise what should I do. Thanks.

P.S. I think there’s and error here:
echo “Installation is complete. To launch neos, log out of root and type: neos and press Enter.”

I think it should be “neos start”, not “neos”.


Hey pyc,

My first guess would be that Neos was installed before on this particular computer as the control script (/usr/bin/neos) checks for the existence of ~/.neoscoin and bases a few actions on that. I can modify that as I can see where it could cause some headaches. As far as just typing ‘neos’ that’s the new default that will open up the launcher (in X windows) for convenience. Typing: neos headless will start neos without the launcher as well as ‘neos start’. So, back to the issue for it not showing and that is likely just because of the mentioned details. There is a new structure in place. We can remedy this by doing the following:

  1. type: mv ~/.neoscoin ~/2.0.1-neoscoin
  2. type ‘neos’ at the commandline and it should put everything in place for you
  3. once the launcher is up, click file, then import, and then choose the wallet.dat from ~/2.0.1-neoscoin and click “Start Neos” after

If you need further help just let me know but this should resolve it. I’ve just added it to my notes to refine the Linux procedure in the event that there’s an existing installation already. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Best regards,



I’m kind of affraid I will lose my wallet data in the process because maybe the new data from 2.0.2 is already stored in ~/.neoscoin because I was attempting to launch it. Please tell me what directories should I backup first, i see 2.0.1 version was storing files in /usr/local/neos/wallet, but I’m not sure because there is no wallet.dat file. Better safe than sorry…


Something bad happened :frowning:

“There was an error during import, please try again or contact [email protected]

ohh… shit.


Could I connect via teamviewer and handle the migration for you?