Fistfuls of NEOS available to all! [Ended Apr 15]


Just buy NEOS raffle tickets and you’re in! :slight_smile:

This is a great raffle, it not only connects you with the possibility of heaping mounds of NEOS, but it directly benefits NEOS and all of us community members through providing an online NEOS payment portal/gateway to the rest of the world. That’s spelled real world relevance! Isn’t that what we’re looking for in our cryptocoin?

We’ve thru Tuesday April 14 to make our wishes clearly known to GoUrl that we want NEOS supported by their portal! On April 15 they’ll make their decision, we need to make clear to them the correct decision is NEOS!

Please don’t hesitate, rush to the below linked thread and purchase your raffle tickets to help make NEOS a fully merchant accessible coin, one with which we can ultimately buy whatever we wish, just as with today’s fiat. Raffle tickets create votes! Raffle tickets enable choice!

Let’s face it, fistfuls of NEOS are a bonus, it’s NEOS usability that really counts! :smile:

(Remember to email [email protected] with your txID and NEOS wallet address – very important!)