Feedback on new forum


It looks great! Like old gaw one :slight_smile: Hope to see more members activity here.


yup, the old hashtalk forums were using this… but apparently people complained about how it sucked… even though i never saw a single complaint on there about it :stuck_out_tongue:

i will say however that their new choice of forums DOES suck :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully we can get some discussions going in here tho


I love this forum. I don’t think I could ever go back to something like simplemachines (bitcointalk) again


Looks great! Just need to get used to it… lots of topics. :wink:


Forum integration with wallet in V3? :smiley:


There’s a few MAJOR changes coming, and I’ll post more once we’re ready to release them but it’s going to be a huge change in a positive direction. Very, very shortly as well.

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I was very, very pleased with the support Syntaks gave me with a problem I was having with my wallet!


My pleasure. Just let us know any time you have an issue or question.

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