Coins on the multipool


Hey everyone i’m just trying to get an idea of the coins everyone would like to see on the multipool. i have most of the sha-256 side figured out already. and the stratum for it is running at if you would like to help out in the next few days of getting the multipool fully running. remember to set a backup pool. Payouts will not start until everything is figured out. so should be only a few days. Until then i will be using what is mined to help with development. and to setup a buy wall on neos.

Basically… i just want to know what you guys think is profitable. and what you would like to see or think you could potentially gain more neos from


Can’t go wrong with PPC. It’s been very stable recently and occasionally mines at higher efficiency than BTC.


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Can’t go wrong with PPC. It’s been very stable recently and occasionally mines at higher efficiency than BTC.[/quote]
CoinKing mines SHA-256 PPC, however it hasn’t found a block in two months. Their switcher just keeps going to it and mining and mining and mining, but the Hash never results in coins. Not so sure it’s a good choice for the NEOS switcher.


Then something must not be right. I mine it on ecoining and they find their blocks just fine, but they do have over half the hash on the network.

Not a big fan of multipools myself. Especially when you have coins where the diff is changing by the minute, it can take your miners that long to disconnect and reconnect.

Now what would be nice is a NEOS pool where all 3 algorithms are used, and miners are paid per share for each block found no matter what algo they are using.


Or is that being done already, and I just don’t know what I’m talking about?!?


I’d say the problem is simply insufficient hash capacity, sounds like there are juggernauts out there. I suspect BTC would be a problem too, though I understand Multipool mines it on the order of 75% of the time – suggests something about its profitability.


Hey is it possible to treat Nicehash as just another coin on the pool? It is usually the most efficient way to use your hash and has the added benefit of there being no variance involved. The pool could switch between Nicehash, NEOS, or whatever alt is more profitable and you never have to endure the grind of hashing BTC with a small pool.


My guess is it probably doesn’t make much sense to mine especially hard to realize coins, or at least have the ability to customize your selection pool by disabling any coins one prefers to skip.

The switcher logic could use an appraisal of coin difficulty and pool Hash power to choose to skip certain coins automatically. In the case of CoinKing, that would prevent PPC hogging so much Hash time, however, they do allow you to select a custom sub-pool to switch within.


Coin suggestions. Terracoin(TRC), Freicoin(FRC), Fireflycoin(FFC), DigiByte(DGB) and eMark(DEM).


And of course, the dreaded WKC. That’s a nice coin to mine with low hash, you’ll catch those all day. Including pool hash power is a good idea, and I think once you’re over a couple of hundred TH PPC will be fine.