Hey guys it looks like is adding one coin a month right now on the 12th day of each month. it looks like there still should be a good chance to get on there for the end of the month. im going to be tracking it and trying to get added there, ive already added 50 votes. if anyone would like to help that would be great !


It’s a great idea and you KNOW I appreciate the initiative and support as always from you - but I’m against this idea. The only reason being I can’t see this community being scammed out of their hard-earned BTC yet again (ala gourl) by a fixed voting system based on paid votes. It’s entirely too easy to manipulate the supporters into forking over more BTC and in the end guess what - the person they want to win gets chosen anyhow. I think our efforts would be better focused towards perhaps like I mentioned on IRC: creatives, new website, an “explainer” video (those animated ones that sum up what we are in 1-2 minutes), etc. We’ve got the community and the support behind us obviously which is really fantastic - it’s just a matter of choosing our goals more selectively and we’ll definitely make progress.

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I don’t mean to cross anybody, but NEOS really does need a purpose other than hoarding and trading. That translates into being able to purchase with it. The downside exposed with GoUrl is very clear and the result, as Syntaks said, was very disappointing. However, at least with there is some history we can view, and they really do take multiple coins at a time (or at least they have.)

Rules and history:

Further, 75% of the “take” goes to a charity (Electronic Frontier Foundation), the balance apparently feeding a faucet. This strikes me as a big improvement over the GoUrl situation which appears just manipulative money grubbing. I guess pretty much anything I do involves risk of some sort, so I’ve chosen to kick in a little, will just have to see how it goes.

Current voting:


After everyone’s feedback here and on IRC as well as a few good points Trevor’s made - why not; let’s pursue this. =)


My salutations and admiration to whomever took NEOS from 70 to 170 votes. That’s a truly great move and motivational! Please other NEOS protagonists, take notice! This is what’s possible!


Infernoman was stating in IRC that he thinks final voting is on the 12th, I have some more in reserve if other coins gain traction on us.


Seems coinpayments would allow me to do even more than gourl possibly. This could be a really good thing.


The NEOS vote continues to climb, (consider me a guilty party, but there are others more guilty. :slight_smile: ) However, please don’t forget, we don’t have to be first in line, and the target date is May 12th (today being April 29). There will hopefully be further opportunities at later times, so let’s try to be at least a little circumspect! (Just a thought! :smile:)


Tuesday is May 12th gang!


Yep! Still waiting to see what happens if someone’s going to try to pull a fast one with mega support last-minute. I’m hoping we can pull through on this one. =)


There’s been another mighty swing of the bat. Will have to see the lay-of-the-land come mid-day!


I wish I knew when exactly today they were announcing the winner


Am expecting decision any time through midnight, announcement 5/13. Looking a two coin competition, but at the current level, I’d expect both to succeed! Guess we just have to see how it goes!


This is what coinpayments told me via twitter regarding the vote:

“I believe whichever coins gets to 1,000 votes first will be the winner since it’s already been a month since the last winner.”

So it’s not really a vote with a predetermined date for choosing a winner, it’s a race to whomever gets to 1000 votes first. I’m not sure how I feel about that honestly. It seems like a cash grab to me. Thoughts folks?

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In light of what they do with the funds, I suspect it more a question of establishing a value for their service than a “grab” per se’. In 2014, they were willing to accept far smaller vote counts, I guess for 2015 they decided to amp their criteria. The PPC dev announced that PPC was accepted, but I don’t see that coin listed anywhere in the vote history, another deal situation I presume.

Don’t know how GoUrl will evolve, but wouldn’t surprise me if they’re helping to provide upward pressure for competitors. We could just say screw it, but I’m not sure that’s real world practical. If a sales portal service would be of value to NEOS, then I believe we are going to have to evaluate the possibilities and then just bite the bullet as appropriate. Good services aren’t cheap in the non-crypto world either. (My 1/2 cnt worth! :smile:)

PS. I’d like to see the GoUrl “vote” cycle evolve a little more, but I’m suspecting it’ll come down to which available service (are there others?) we think would be most beneficial to NEOS and make the purchase.

PPS. If we really were to build our own portal, what would that realistically cost (resources, infrastructure, development, test, deployment, maintenance)? Would it create any perceived conflicts of interest? Would it realistically be a better option?