Coinomi Universal Wallet now supports NeosCoin!


Coinomi Universal HD Wallet now officially supports NeosCoin!!

More about Coinomi:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this integration (Infernoman, Extrememist, et al):✓&q=neoscoin


All news supportive of NEOS sounds great to me, and my consequent thanks to Coinomi, but I’ve personally no idea what this announcement actually brings to the table. If someone cares to elucidate a little, that’d be great! :slight_smile:



You can download the Coinomi wallet in the play store, and use it for Neos on your phone. It’s effectively a mobile wallet for Neos =).

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Sounds great! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Last night learned my nextdoor neighbor (BTC dabbler – blame me :slight_smile: ) has downloaded the Coinomi wallet to his phone and sure enough, it lists NEOS. Cool!


Isn’t it =) The fact we can shop on now with Neos is awesome too because that means, mobile shopping. =)