Coinomat Voting


Coinomat has added us to their voting list. This is another GoUrl type of project. So you can directly exchange neos through their API or website. To the list of supported currencies they already have.


Valuable info, thanks!

Not sure what to say. If both are similar, and both are thinking 10K votes (.0004BTC Vs .0005), then are we better off with GoUrl (5K+ existing votes) or Coinomat, or waiting and watching? My feeling is waiting and watching.

How are we with our existing connection (CoinPayments)? If Coinomart and GoUrl are reasonably similar, I’m inclined to capitalize on our existing investment! (Is 10K really the price of entry, or just the one we’re supposing?)



Hey Trevor. I put a bit in myself to Coinomat. To my knowledge they are the longest running service like this although someone might correct me on that. Apparently we are next in line for GoUrl and the recent accusations against them with no response is a bit concerning. I dont think 10k votes is required for the addition. It’s just who is next in line with the highest amount of votes at the time of reckoning. There are options to buy your way onto both of the services. Which requires a minimum of 35k votes on GoUrl. or 58k votes on Coinomat. Both of which are ridiculously high. From my knowledge the Coinomat voting carries onto the next round like gourl. So we can slowly work toward a new service instead of all of us busting ass to get rejected by a service that cant respond the accusations against them =/


Tried Google search but not clear on what “the recent accusations against them (GoUrl)” are, perhaps you can point me? My question is whether both are truly vote driven (hence my inclination to wait and watch), our GoUrl experience/observation didn’t appear that way, but that can change. As you say, there’s time and so my current thinking is to take my time – I want to see how their votes proceed. Both MUE and DASH were/are roughly 10K votes (don’t know what DOGE and BTS were), is that again a magic number? Between vote and magic number, I prefer vote, but I want to know what I’m getting into!

PS. Again, I appreciate the info and applaud your initial position, I just want to learn a little more about how the voting operates (likewise with today’s GoUrl.)


The recent accusation against them were from us :wink: a few of us publicly accused them of “pumping” the votes into peercoin to try and get more out of the smaller altcoins, and we never received a response about it. I’m hoping that they truly are vote driven and that the process is just an automated system, i also hope the people at peercoin were just not knowledgeable of the person who was trying to get them on GoUrl and that it wasnt gourl themselves pumping votes in to try and get more out of smaller altcoins. and believe me, we asked them lol. to peercoins knowledge they didnt know who was voting for them, or even what gourl was. so it was sceptical to us.


True, it appeared as though the PPC GoUrl bid was likely heavily manipulated, but it seems next to certain the later accepted MUE bid was not! I’m not supporting GoUrl per se’, to me it’s a question of what is brought to NEOS and what is paid to bring it. If the two are similar in product and the cost (due to existing payment) is pro GoUrl, I’m inclined to favor GoUrl. If we’re to dump our GoUrl investment in favor of Coinomat, I’ll not do it lightly! BTC is BTC.

I see this a non-trivial scenario! The relative practical value of the services is not yet apparent to me (including “Coinpayments”.) Are Coinomat services superior to GoUrl? Is there a measure?