Don’t forget we are setup on

CoinGateway acts as a bridge to enable you to purchase merchandise from retailers who accept only Bitcoin. Choose NEOS as your alternate cryptocurrency, then simply enter the recipients Bitcoin address and desired amount and click “Pay Now”.


I’ve used them quite a bit. It’s really seamless to use. They are still in Beta, so the more we use them, the better they can serve us. I should add they have a 0.5 BTC max per transaction. But like I said, the more we use their service the larger they can raise that cap.


do you know if they dump 100% of the coins they get or do they keep the added fee to have a ‘reserve’?


I never saw my coins filter back into the system in the chunks I spent. So unless they broke them down or made them nice round figures I have no idea. But each spend was about £50 or less when NEOS was between 18k - 23k.


To be honest I’m not sure yak.