Can't open my wallet


about 12 hours ago I have downloaded neoscoin wallet and buy some coins in bittrex, but this time I can not open my wallet
no matter what the wallet


Hey sukamasoto,

What system are you running Neos on?  Also, what steps did you take to install?

 Best regards,



I use windows 7
I installed a normally after I installed my wallet running on my browser


Did you have Neos installed before or this was the very first install on this computer?


This is the first time I installed the wallet neos

#6 - would you please download this and run it, and send me a private message here with the partner ID and password? I’ll hop on and take a look and see what’s going on.

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wait i try to download this


hallo iam waiting here


dont post that type of info in the public :stuck_out_tongue:


send him a private message with ideally a different id and password and get rid of the other one… click on his alias and then click ‘private message’


thank you for telling me
My concentration decreases due to sleepiness