*** Calling All Miners *** [Ended Apr 15]


If you are a miner, then you need to know that on April 15, our current window for getting NEOS accepted by GoUrl (online payment portal) closes. Our opportunity can only be realized through votes, votes created by us, the NEOS community. We are mounting as large a mining effort as we can (mined BTC directly paying for votes) and your help would be invaluable! The days are passing quickly, so please, take a look at the linked thread, re-target your miners, and help NEOS (and all of us) succeed!



Tweeted: https://twitter.com/Netcube93/status/586585813808521217


Just FYI, Nicehash is currently paying at 20%+ over BTC mining, not sure if infernopool is taking advantage of this.


Hey man, thanks for the tip!

I’m a regular Westhash user and have extranonce compatible CGminers installed and use a switch off Eligius to avoid the many times when Westhash swings negative. I just now switched my gang to pool 1 Westhash with extranonce and pool 2 Infernopool using my standard Eligius switch (which is probably not optimal, but will have to do, can’t use Eligius for this). I’m choosing not to suggest it to the others as the variable gains/losses may not be worth the hassle for them and they’re already making an effective contribution.

However, I’m seeing only my hash on Westhash for 1Nhgi9faSviuDJktKtzZxqgqWxv1xtFS8j and don’t see any on Nicehash for it, so, given you actually have a farm, what’s the possibility of you matching my personal hashrate for GoUrl/NEOS (as per Westhash) from now thru midnight Tuesday? It’s only a very few days and it’s entirely for the benefit of NEOS! Here’s the Westhash listing:


My average is some 11,000 to 12,000 GH/s SHA-256 depending on the mined coin. What do you say? :smile: