Anyone seeing any scenario in which Neoscoin price rises?


Sadly, if things stay like this, I don’t. Unless something really big happens and Neos successfully distincts itself from a sea of shitcoins. NeosCoin will soon be completely forgotten. Advantages I see over all other are web based interface, plenty of features related to mining and sending funds to exchanges and automatic updates.

Things that come into my mind for further developmen/price rise:

  • online web-based wallets (whole service, client doesn’t install anything)
  • instant transactions (one the rare fighting grounds left in crypto-wars)
  • retuning of anonymous transactions (fuck the system)

Desperation hit the highest point, yes I’m desperate bagholder thinking I should sell with a great loss. I wanna see some hope here, otherwise… Sorry, seems like NeosCoin was one of the worst decisions of mine.



Right now with the rise of BTC we’re going to see a massive impact on the alt market undoubtedly across the board. With the exception of a few that have financial backing or teams with large amounts of BTC buying back the dumps during these times it’s going to look red all over. There is a plan to release online-based wallets, but 2.1 needs to be released first. As far as what is coming for 2.1 - if it was any small feat, I wouldn’t be taking as much time and care with what I’m coding as I am. I’ll have an update this week and if all goes well, a release.

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Thanks, it’s nice knowing online-based wallets are planned. Really that is killer feature compared to other coins.


The question is: Why is the price this low? Everybody who follows the Development knows of the quality and expect the price should reflect that. In my opinion a fair price for now wouldn’t be below 50k. For the long run I expect higher prices and I’m still optimistic.

So, why is the price this los?

  1. Mining… 14400 new Neos a day isn’t that much, but it’s 433200 in a month and that is some pressure.
  2. Neos is one Coin of hundreds and still under the radar
  3. There wasn’t much PR so far. Neos is more like a secret-pearl for those who do research and have patience.
  4. The price itself. People look at the price, it doesn’t look promising and before they do research they think there is something wrong with it.


To point 1) The halving will be in a few months. We are at Block 66275. Halving is at Block 105,000. That will reduce sell-pressure and could be good timing. The good thing about the inflation is: It has leading to some distribution I think. It maybe hurts the price are maybe there are more people already in Neos then expected, waiting for a buying-opportunity.

To point 2) Many Coins are abandoned and many will follow. At the same time less new projects get started. It’s about staying power and what I like if I think of Neos: Syntaks and his team prove that everyday. Others die, Neos is under high development. That will lead to results.

To point 3) PR: In my opinion, there should be something like a “growing” PR. Not hyping, more like step after step. The first step could and maybe should come out of the community. Not spamming, but organized spreading the word about Neos. What it stands for, about it’s quality, and: That the different approach is intended. That the “quite time” was intended to focus on quality without the daily price-influence and complaining about “Dev, do something to make the price rise!”. There should be more activity. The Neos-Community is great but I don’t understand why there aren’t more retweets and postings etc. It would be an easy way to make first steps out of the shadow. All over BCT are opportunities to mentioning Neos without spamming other projects. Threads like “Best altcoin to invest in 2015” and so on. Neos is mentioned, but it could be a lot more and there could be a lot more on Twitter. A second step maybe could be something like a community-fund for PR.

Under the line it’s about the question how to get the attention and how to transport the message, and presenting Neos in the future. As far as I see there could be something that is ready for higher attention in the coming release. :wink:


I don’t agree that instant transactions and anonymous features make a coin a success on their own. Bitcoin has neither and is miles above all coins in value.

“Fuck the system” looks good on paper, but when it comes to money, the system doesn’t seem to play games. The wheels might turn slowly, but they will run you over. I trust Neos judgement in removing the feature. Hopefully it can be reinstated one day.

Have you seen anything about the new safety features? Personally, I think this could be one hell of an innovation never before seen in the crypto world. You might want to stick around for the ride :wink:

Forget short term turbulence. Seems to me like there is nothing these guys aren’t willing to tackle. That is where the real long term value is.


FWIW – I started mining NEOS shortly after introduction (my first Alt coin) and still am (though low key). It’s clear the coin has a major asset in Syntaks, but what’s still needed is a usability hook (or ten) and visibility.

I recently started mining another Alt coin that suddenly broke through. Turns out it’s a year old this month and it’s really just a BTC clone with shortened block time. The difference is the dev created an auction site (multiple coins accepted) and had a booth at the last Vegas show (he’s apparently located there), and most recently is selling 1% shares of the auction site ownership/profit (purchase price in his coin). He’s registered both the coin and auction as real world businesses. As far as I can tell, this is pretty unique in the crypto world! He’s also hired someone with name recognition to take on the marketing.

I’m not suggesting this is what NEOS needs to do, but I am suggesting that NEOS needs to sell itself in a grownup world, just as BTC is currently doing (thanks heavily to its primacy). NEOS needs a reason to be possessed, a path to usefulness, a vision that makes it near enough indispensable!


Bitcoin has a huge first-mover advantage. So huge it seems even projects like Ethereum which is funded by millions of dollars won’t de-throne it. So, yes, anonymity and instant transactions may not be important for Bitcoin, but it’s important for other coins.

As for the “fuck the system”, I see it as the most important function of cryptocoin revolution. Darkcoin is that high because of that feature. I can agree anonymity is bad if you wanna deal with governments, but is there any place for Neoscoin In that sense? Can Neoscoin even make some deals with “system”?

Neoscoin must strive for quality. Most advanced wallet + anonymity + instant transactions + rock stable quality code,and there you have the best coin of them all which will surely reflect on price.

Anyways, I wish to thank syntaks and other developers for their devotion and huge work they done already. Seems like they will stay around for long long time, and that’s the most important thing …


I can’t know if I’m right, it’s just my personal point of view, but regarding the anonymity-feature my thought was: Yes, this decisions proves longterm-thinking. Why? Every serious Dev does his work for the success and in Crypto that means greater adoption. If an Anonymous-Coin becomes a success and widely adopted you can be absolutely sure the intelligence agencys will have an eye on it. If the tech should be really great, what will they focus? The Devs! I’m not completely sure about it, but I believe that non-anonymous Devs will always be “weak-points” because we know that the NSA made pressure on big corporations to install backdoors and so on.

Maybe it’s much too early to think about “The NSA knocking at the Door of XY-Dev”, but I’m sure that Crypto in general will change the financial system. The biggest thing about it isn’t anonymity, it is decentralization. That’s the “fuck the system”. Crypto gives the opportunity to store value decentralized. But: It has to be safe. And that’s one point I’m very glad to see that Syntaks has his focus on. If you take a look at his screencasts and the coming security-system, you will see what he aspires. Often I saw that a most-perfect anonymity-feature is called “holy grail of Crypto”. I don’t say it’s wrong or that anonymity won’t be a big thing. But in my eyes, the holy grail of Crypto is security and it should be priority.