Announcement of NEOSSTORE.COM!


Hello guys, today i’d like to announce that I’ve been doing this for months (working on it inbetween) of other stuff
and for today I have, finally got this working, its fairly new. so if you find any bugs send them to [email protected] .
I only have virtual private servers on there for sale, I hope to get more products over time, but thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:
Forgot to say the payment method that says, bitcoin, litecoin, etc. is’s gateway that you can use to buy the server with other altcoins, and also, the one that says Bitcoin just straight bitcoin is. Bitpay.


Wow, great job! Didn’t know that you’re working on that. And a nice design!


New Announcement, Neoscoin T-Shirts now sold at :slight_smile: go pick yourself up a neoscoin tshirt if you wish and it’ll be ready as soon as possible. :slight_smile: