A Few Good Questions


I have a few questions about 2.1 and the Neos team in general.

First is the “Every password works” system; I have been doing some searching around and I can’t find anyone who has done anything like this. At least not in the cryptoverse. Maybe I’m crazy, but this seem like a major game changer in the wallet security arena!

Isn’t this going to be a pretty big deal?

Are you going to reach out to crypto-news organizations and do a press release or do you think this will be big enough that it will happen organically?

Planning on a new contest for the promotion of 2.1? I would gladly donate some Neos to sweeten the pot.

You really make yourself available to the community and it looks like you work about 20hrs a day. Are you going petal to the metal until you reach a certain goal before you take a breather and slow it down a bit? Or is this just your default speed?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure everyone is grateful for all of your hard work, I’d just hate to see you burn out or develop some stress induced illness. Also, if you don’t mind my prying, how do you pay the bills if you are doing Neos all day? You seem like a programing ninja, so I’m sure you are highly compensated when you do work outside the Neos space…

Do you have links to the logos in high resolution or vector for anyone who might want to do some independent promotion?

I wish I could end with a suggestion for a feature, but you and the team are really coming up with some brilliant ideas on your own. Keep up the great work!


I haven’t heard of anyone doing it in the way we’re doing it. As far as it being a pretty big deal, that really lies within the eye of the beholder. If someone finds it valuable then absolutely.

There are a few crypto news outlets I’ll be reaching out to just in general for the 2.1 release for sure. Organically I’m not really too certain as we’ve tried that route and people are still under the impression Neos is a brand new project (as in, just launched).

Actually yep, it’s just a matter of I’d like it to be something creative and not the usual contest to make it more interesting.

This is just my default speed, and you’re near “on the money” with your estimation of 20 hours a day. I just like to get things done. In my mind, I owe this to the community as I’ve told them from day one to place their faith and trust in me and for me not to put my best foot forward and do everything I can would at least to me - be letting them down. That’s just not something I’m ready to or will accept. I’ve put a product out there that most rely on for either profit, or as an investment. In either one of those cases if I wasn’t available to the community - to me that’s just beyond wrong and irresponsible. My ethics and beliefs stand stronger than that.

As the only way I can be, I’ll continue to be - and that is transparent. There is a mining operation (which right now is having some issues worked out after a security breach) and my investment in that was paying the bills for the past several months. Prior to that, I had saved up a bit of income to allow me to leave my full-time job and focus solely on crypto. Roughly around December is when the mining operation was breached and I’ve been waiting patiently along with many others for those payouts to happen. I’ve been able to handle bills after my funds had depleted only thanks to some good friends in this space that share my feelings and confidence that this mining operation will be paying out. Long story short, I live very simply and operate on red bull and cigarettes and just code. I don’t regret it nor do I hold any resentment because I believe in crypto and to me fighting for something you believe in and working hard for it are more valuable than a dollar. I do what I can to ensure that I can remain working on Neos exclusively.

Sure, take a look at http://www.neoscoin.com/images/neospromo.tar and let me know if that is good enough.

Thanks a lot for the compliment. Feedback, suggestions and requests are always welcomed and fulfilled to the best of our ability.

Best regards,



Thanks for the quick reply as always!

Yup this is what I was looking for.

Man alive!! No wonder you can code for 20 hrs a day.

I’m sure your investment will turn around shortly.

You’re a man of principle and we can see how hard you work.

I know this has spurred me to find a way to help, and I hope more find a way to spread the word.


In light of the tone of this thread, I’d just like to compliment and thank Syntaks for voluntarily taking a close look at a problem I ran into with another Alt coin. He obviously didn’t have to and it obviously took some of his time, but he did it entirely voluntarily and I do believe that’s hard to find. Thanks again, Syntaks.



My pleasure. We’re all in this together and if you can help someone why not.

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